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Cultural relativism essays

cultural relativism essays

And this discredits the possibility that one such person can come up with a set of morals, or a true way to calculate those morals, because in fact everyone is biased to his or her own moral beliefs. Cultural Relativism Examples From the Field. The conflict between the universal human rights doctrine and cultural relativism came about during the establishment of the Universal human rights doctrine in 1948. They would state that the only moral way to have acted would be to not inbreed due to the fact that it causes harm, thus unhappiness, to the offspring. The Kantinisen sense of duty is discredited in the same way, on account of everyone's sense of duty being different. One culture may believe that there is indeed some moral justification towards this practice, as women who dont go through the cut are considered unclean and are seen as outcasts in their societies. And in the Caroline Islands, it is a method of banishing devils and demons. Relativism would say that neither culture is right or wrong.

Ethnocentrism, as defined by sociologist William Graham Sumner, refers to the perception of ones group as the center of civilization and, thus, a gauge by which all other groups should be judged. In todays society, people have shown an increased reluctance to criticise other cultures for various reasons. Criticism of Cultural Relativism. If the views of the truth on what is right or wrong is relative, then the issue of morality definitely plays a huge role in this debate. I believe the Utilitarian idea of maximizing the good of the whole is also not feasible, on account of everyone not agreeing on what makes them the most happy. We can therefore see the relativists argument of cultural relativism in this case, because if cultural relativism exists, then naturally, morality will also be relative.

cultural relativism essays

With this much cultures in the world, everyone is bound.
Free Essays from Bartleby Moral relativism, as Harman describes, denies that there are universal basic moral demands, and says different people are.
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The Asian Values Argument, today, there has been a tremendous improvement over the years towards the universal system of human rights. They argued that when the mind apprehends stimuli from the environment, it molds perceptions with reference to (a) the specifics of ones spatial surroundings, (b) the cultural practices and artifacts that define those surroundings, and (c) the temporal or biographical lineage that places one. For example, Robert Edgerton asks, If practices such as essay about importance of computer education cannibalism, infanticide, genital mutilation, genocide, and suicide bombings are normative to a particular cultural context, does that make them right? As a result of this debate between Kant and Herder, came the belief of ethnocentrism. They must draw meaning from the target cultures inhabitants as opposed to making assumptions drawn from their own cultural dictionaries.