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Research paper on banking sector

research paper on banking sector

the current investment in the chosen securities. The theory goes that as the percentage rises over 100 the stock becomes more and more overvalued, and as the PEG ratio falls below 100 the stock becomes more and more undervalued. The study is restricted to three companies based on Fundamental Analysis. The analysis was also made on the basis of top line and bottom line factors, the top line which is net interest income and the bottom line which is net interest margin.

No notes for slide. This definition is helpful to understand the liquidation process in case of bankruptcy. Ownership equity is also known as risk capital, liable capital and equity. Secondary data by various modes.

Suggestions and conclusions are based on the data of five years. Technical analysis is applicable to stocks, indices, commodities, futures or any tradable instrument where the price is influenced by the forces of supply and demand.

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Andhra Bank.39. Nikesh Ruparel of Birla Sunlie Insurance Company for guiding me throughout my entire project. Candlestick Chart The candlestick chart is similar to a bar chart, but it differs in the way that it is visually constructed. PEG ratio - The PEG ratio that indicates an over or underpriced stock varies by industry and by company type; though a broad rule of thumb is that a PEG ratio below one is desirable. Research studies have proved that investments in some shares with a longer tenure of investment have yielded far superior returns than any other investment. In theory, the MD A is supposed to be frank commentary on tiger in the tunnel essay the managements outlook. After the first two support/resistance tests are formed in the price movement, the pattern will look like a double top or bottom, which could lead a chartist to enter a reversal position too soon. The Group has been ranked Number 4 in the global 'Top Companies for Leaders' survey and ranked Number 1 in Asia Pacific for 2011.

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