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Andy warhol audience essay

andy warhol audience essay

to illustrate and work with advertisements. This was not the sex that was seen in the pornography of the time, but a more erotic and advant garde style. Studio 54, famed for its exclusivity, was one of Warhols favorites. In this environment he was able to produce large series o art and sculptures. More success followed, and Andy began collecting the materials from mass media that would become his Pop Art. Baby Boom era, the culture had become decidedly sanitized. One may wonder, why blotted drawings instead of using the originals?

Tiny but important details are lost (Bondo, 1998) Film and magazines were two other mediums used by Warhol. Ten, in 1964 Warhol created his own studio space called Te Factory as a mature artist. In fact, it was so important, that many times Warhol would produce a work without color first. Death and disaster was also a subject that Warhol worked with, especially during the early 60s. The result was work that varied widely, from Pollock-like drip paintings to misty landscapes (Bourdon, 1989, 238). Pop ArtThe pop art movement began in London during the 1950s and then quickly spread throughout nearly all of the industrialized world.

andy warhol audience essay

The audience learns to expect the unexpected in Warhol 's work.
Warhol's Twenty Marilyns is an excellent example of the silk-screen printing technique.
Evaluate andy warhol s response to his audience and his worl as demostrated through his artmaking and his artistic.

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He would always use a fake name and wear wigs so no one could recognize him. Then, he would observe the work and think for days what the color should be used. Not only does his work intrigue his followers, but they help the public recognize the lives and careers of the famous people he painted. For example, a news program may project that 50,000 people will die in alcohol related automobile accidents. I guess, we had to do an ink blot or something like that at college, and, then, I realized you can do an ink blot and do that kind of look, and, then, it would look printed somehow. The uric acid and copper sulfate combined to produce a green patine. These were large canvases created by coating them with copper paint. To most, it seemed as if the media were relating this as a warning. Another medium that Warhol used in the 70s was known as Oxidation paintings. In America, Pop Art used the images and techniques of mass media, advertising, and popular culture, often in an ironic way to play off the social issues of popular culture. Also, Warhol was obsessed with the way vulgarity looses its effect after view multiple times.

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andy warhol audience essay

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