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Past perfect continuous essay

past perfect continuous essay

business together for seven years. The word since is used if the exact starting time (e.g. John said (that) they had been traveling by train across Europe. It's 'had' been (the past participle of 'be verb-ing. Firstly, let's look at the positive form: I had been living, you had been going, she had been sleeping. Subject Had not been Present Participle Object Time-reference. The family had been living in a council house for many years. Had we been going to school since 10th May, 1995? 'Wh' questions: Where had I been working?

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Jack got a job at last. We had not been reading (we hadn't been.). Past Perfect Progressive tense is used to describe an ongoing action that started in past and continued for some time in past. How long had it been raining? Subject Had been Present Participle (base form of verb ing) Object Time-reference. For time-reference of the action, two specific words since and for are used in the sentence. The past perfect continuous tense and the present perfect continuous tense The past perfect continuous tense and the present perfect tense convey the same meaning as shown here. She had been teaching student since 23rd July 2006. Had she been singing songs since 8 O'Clock? Had he been eating vegetable for seven months? He is my buiness partner. The boys had not been watching television for three weeks.

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