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Fiction and reality essay

fiction and reality essay

into light different social issues that are still alive in many areas of the country. Sometimes, most criminal minds derive their plan of the crime by watching the reality shows, trying to cover the tracks by watching the crime shows. For example my favourite book "Alchemist"is also a story invented by the author.

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fiction and reality essay

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Contestants in some reality shows use aggressiveness and mean behaviour with the abusive language for winning. Every childhood lover of vampire movies will remember the chilling line; "I come ansylvania!" No other place is so easily identified with vampires as Transylvania. Encouraging Donations and Social Welfare: Many reality TV shows have encouraged donations and acts of social welfare from the common people. The stars, now a days, thrives mostly on the sensationalism and the youngsters have started following their lead. However, like every other thing, it also has its advantages and disadvantages. Or is documentary film as manipulative as any other traditional film and Paul Greengrass is just as conventional as any other director? It has also made the ordinary people aware of the perils of addictions of alcohol and drugs. The teens find it cool and think it is okay to behave in the same way.

In order to attain both of them in a short time, they give everything to get into one. When only factual information is studied, such as history, the  possibilities of the future that we fear are not addressed. On one hand, they make some very successful and on other the ones who dont succeed often succumbed to depression. The abusive shows have found their way in the reality shows since they are liked most by the viewers. They have, in many ways, played an important role in women empowerment, eradicating child labours and many such issues. Second reason why I think that books which are not based only on reality are better is because every person should read various kind of books, develop himself in many ways in order to learn more about people, who are surround him, people's thoughts and. With the modern age of vampire tales, it seems only natural that the.

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