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Robert yin case study

robert yin case study

assisted numerous other research groups, helping to train their field teams or to design research studies. Sources of evidence- Archival records Forms Strengths Weaknesses Service records, organizational records, maps and charts, lists, survey data, and personal records Stable- can be reviewed repeatedly Unobtrusive- not created as a result of the case study Exact- contains exact names, references, and details. Earlier editions of the present book have been translated into eight languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Romanian, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese and a second book. Heuristics for replication Settle for two or three replications when the rival theories are grossly different and issues at hand doesnt demand an excessive degree of certainly If rivals are subtly different, and if high degree of certainly is desired, go for five to six. Generic strategies explained 4/26/2014Prepared by Pavan Soni (IIM Bangalore) 24 Thinking about rival explanations Craft rivals The null hypothesis Threats to validity Investigators bias Real- life rivals Direct rival Commingled rival Implementation rival Rival theory Super rival Societal rival Relying on theoretical propositions Theoretical orientation. Reality- covers information in the real time Contextual- covers context of the event Time consuming Selectivity- unless broad coverage Reflexivity- event may proceed differently because it is being observed Cost- hours needed by human observation 4/26/2014 19 Prepared by Pavan Soni (IIM Bangalore).

robert yin case study

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Training session agenda. Strengthens construct validity) Creating a case study database Maintaining a chain of evidence 4/26/2014 15 Prepared by Pavan Soni (IIM Bangalore). Note taking and other field practices VII. Successfully reported this slideshow. Design parameters Tests Definition Case study tactic Relevant phase of research Construct validity Correct operational measure for concepts Use multiple sources of evidence Establish chain of events Have key informants review draft case study report Data collection Data collection Composition Internal validity Establishing a non.

Case Study Research: Design and Methods Applied Social

robert yin case study

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