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Immigrant to usa essay

immigrant to usa essay

manufacturing jobs in northern Mexico. As long as there is some type of living here in the United States there will be invasions of immigrants from around the world. The Mexican-American border did not close after the closure of the Bracero program in 1964. Next, there is an issue of the immigrants coming.

immigrant to usa essay

In addition to, if Americans were to keep their jobs, they had to match the lower wages. . Free Essays 965 words (2.8 pages) - Immigration into The United States California and the Southwest. As of 2008 the Center for Immigration Studies estimated that there are 11 million illegal immigrants in the US which is down from 2007s.5 million people. These new immigrants were largely Italians, Hungarians, Jews, Serbians, Irish, and Slovaks. . Population, in contrast to a 6 show more content, without the extra work and consumption provided by immigrants, the economy of the United States would collapse. At Ellis Island up to as many as 5,000 immigrants each day would be checked, questioned and sent on their way. . The jobs pay little and most don? Immigrants, like Ramon Zavala, who is the father of my good friend, critical analysis of charles lamb's essays Edith, have sad situations, and many Americans do sympathize for them. A large wave of Cuban-American refugees seeking political asylum entered the country.

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