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Essay on self confidence in gujarati

essay on self confidence in gujarati

it certainly works towards smoothing your broken confidence. An array of positive and negative thoughts will cross your mind. As humans, we are on a constant search of plans and on the basis of a couple of encounters; we are quick to classify a situation as negative. Realistic goals must be achievable, neither too high nor low. A simple principle that you may follow in life is to refrain from doing things that you are dubious about. All these aspects of self- confidence come back to the main definition. You evaluate the critics, identify whether the critics are true. This leads you to a phase of desensitization.

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(2 Know Myself 2007) These positions labeled you as uncomfortable, unfriendly, annoying and not interesting which caused people around feel the same as you too. When you learn well, you have understood what you do and you do not feel doubt or fear to do it as you have the confidence to do it already. Learning is not situation specific, and with experience you learn to predict moves of your opponents and make effective strategies. If you dont try, you would never know the result. As a result, you will lose your self-confidence. Hence, you can try to follow on your abilities, strengths, decisions and express yourself as confidence comes from you when you being the best of you and not being others.

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essay on self confidence in gujarati

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