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How to choose thesis commmitee

how to choose thesis commmitee

of a principal supervisor and two (possibly three) other experts in your field of study. Typically, one member of the thesis committee must be a professor in a different department from that of the student. These individuals will act as mentors who will guide you through the process of defining objectives, conducting research, editing drafts, writing the literature review, and writing the thesis. But academic departments are often very political. Sometimes an off-campus advisor is necessary because your program lacks someone in your field of expertise. If you have to choose between somebody who knows your subject incredibly well and who has a reputation for hostility or being a prima donna and a faculty member who isnt a subject matter expert but likes you, choose the latter. . If you follow this advice, youll have smooth sailing. Yes, big names on your committee can be a bonus on job searches. Practically, you may have limited options.

Beyond that, I see at least 3 broad areas to consider. In the field of your dissertation? You want a committee member who will be honest, challenging, and respectful. . However, while both the Frankfurt School Marxist and your institutions local free-market guru are probably fun to have coffee with, would you want them working together evaluating your dissertation? Other times, it's a way to network or get "big fancy professor that everyone knows" on your dissertation committee (and get LORs from them for job applications).

how to choose thesis commmitee

Often, one will be intellectually attracted to younger, energetic faculty members. He/she likely knows more about most of your department faculty than you. Why do santa clara university supplement essay I need a thesis committee? Can your committee members work well with each other? Heres a quick checklist of positive attributes to look for: They like people. Most of the time, you will need to send out email requests to gauge the interest of members of your potential thesis committee. First, ask your adviser. If your goal is to finish your PhD, you want your committee to be able to work well with you and with each other. This may seem petty to talk about.

How to pick a thesis committee

how to choose thesis commmitee