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Language community essay

language community essay

To join this community is very easy with only contacting the tutors and the participants will then be listed as the active members. This community tries to provide required facilities to students about Arabic knowledge. English is one of the official languages of the United Nation Organization. This ielts community service essay has been organised by dedicating one body paragraph to the disadvantages and one to the advantages, but clearly stating in the introduction and conclusion which side the writer supports. To sum up, overall I believe that the benefits are greater than the drawbacks. People began to speak many centuries ago, and since then they have been speaking different languages. Considering that if they only learn Arabic language based on the given semester credits only, it will not adequately guarantee their Arabic mastery.

language community essay

Community language learning (CLL) is a type of language learning approach.
The founder for CLL methodology was Charles Curran, an American.
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However, the limitation of time to teach English and Arabic in the class and the lack of various learning activities representing a real interaction, obviously encourage the language center of stain Curup (UPB) to devise a program called English Community which maximizes the practice. The activities of this community cover the four language competences filled up with the four language skills which refer to listening, speaking, reading, and writing. According to these people, interpreters should translate books, movies, peoples speech and etc. I and Sarwo Edi,. The drawbacks associated with this primarily include the time that a young adult would put in helping people. This ambition has even been begun to realize by them not only among college students but also lectures and staffs. As elicos focusing on improving English skills, Arabic community is a place for Arabic students at stain Curup to practice Arabic language.