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Child is the father of man essay

child is the father of man essay

children are fast learners and their knowledge remains with them for their lifetime. We can think of this line as the child is Jesus, the father is God, and man is everyone on Earth, in one interpretation. . As a conclusion, it can be simply said that physically fit, socially viable and morally strong child will ensure the bright and healthy future of the nation. Also It requires a lot of awareness and compassion. The Child is Father of the Man Essay 2 (300 words). Child is the Father of Man basically means that a man is, in reality, the product of the behaviour and habits he developed during his early years. For instance, if a person develops good habits during the childhood, he is likely to lead a disciplined life through out. Origin of the Proverb Child is Father of the Man. By the 42nd amendment Act, article 39 of Indian constitution saysChildren are given opportunities and faculties to develop in a healthy manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity and that childhood and youth are protected against exploitation as also against moral and material abandonment.

The phrase, Child is the Father of Man was coined by the renowned poet, William Wordsworth in the year 1802. The term basically means that the behaviour and activities of a persons childhood go a long way in building his personality. Ones childhood, therefore may be taken as forming the asis of ones manhood. It is in this sense that the child has been called the father of man.

We all know that a child remains away from all the pressures and practicalities of life, so he/she can enjoy every single moment of life. He learns whatever he is taught at home, school, or in society. On the contrary, the poor parents still remain silent due to their poverty, ignorance and illiteracy. Like morning is the base of the day; childhood is the base of the overall personality and character of a man. You can choose any essay on Child is the Father of Man according to your need: Child is the Father of the Man Essay 1 (200 words). William Wordsworth said, 'Never let the child die in you'. The knowledge, habits, attitude, nature and any behaviour that a person exhibits as an adult is actually imbibed by him early in his childhood. Conclusion, thus, the parents and the teachers must always remain mindful of their behaviour with their children and give them a happy upbringing. In this regard, many people believe that the child is actually the father of the man. The basic nature and behaviour of a person does not change with age or time. Helping the child to overcome troubles and tribulations. The idiom Child is the Father of Man implies that the actual nature of a man does not alter with age or time.