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Tejas krishnamohan thesis

tejas krishnamohan thesis

Classical and CNNs based Image Segmentation Algorithms, Roopal Nahar, July 2018. Advisor:Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury Report no: iiit/TH/2017/18, ( pdf ) Transition-based Technique for Syntactic Linearization and Deep Input Linearization, Ratish Puduppully, February 2017. Advisor:Indranil Chakrabarty, report no: iiit/TH/2018/69, ( pdf ). Advisor:awahar Report no: iiit/TH/2017/45, ( pdf ) Human Pose Retrieval for Image and Video collections, Nataraj Jammalamadaka, July 2017. Advisor:Abhijit Mitra Report no: iiit/TH/2018/26, ( pdf ) Non Invasive Estimation of Blood Parameters using Fingertip Photoplethysmography, Swathi Reddy Ramasahayam, June 2018.

tejas krishnamohan thesis

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Advisor:Navjyoti Singh Report no: iiit/TH/2018/2, ( pdf ) A Neuro-computational Model of Reward Prediction Error in Classical Conditioning, Pramod Sivaram Kaushik, December 2017. Advisor:Jayanthi Sivaswamy Report no: iiit/TH/2017/101, ( pdf ) Visual Perception Based Assistance for Fundus Image Readers, arat, July 2017. Advisor:Praveen Paruchuri Report no: iiit/TH/2018/14, ( pdf ) Fine Pose Estimation and Region Proposals from a Single Image, Sudipto Banerjee, March 2018. Advisor:Harjinder Singh Report no: iiit/TH/2017/43, ( pdf ) study OF consonance OF musical tones, Radha Manisha, July 2017. Advisor:Manish Shrivastava, Manoj Chinnakotla Report no: iiit/TH/2018/13, ( pdf ) Robust Representation Learning for Low Resource Languages, Syed. Advisor:Vasudeva Varma Report no: iiit/TH/2017/77, ( pdf ) Understanding Semantic Association Between Images and Text, Yashaswi Verma, July 2017. Advisor:Rajeev Sangal Report no: iiit/TH/2017/76, ( pdf ) Parallel Frameworks for Locality Based Dynamic Programming Problems., rajesh. Advisor:ajan Report no: iiit/TH/2017/91, ( pdf ) Parallel Corpora and Linguistic Resource Creation for Statistical Machine Translation, Jayendra Rakesh Yeka, December 2017. Advisor:Radhika Mamidi Report no: iiit/TH/2017/28, ( pdf ) Adaptive Spectral and Texture matching for road extraction from very high resolution satellite imagery with occlusion handling, K Sreekanth Reddy, April 2017. Copyright Notice: This material is presented to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work on a non-commercial basis.

Tejas Krishnamohan s research works Stanford University, CA (SU Exploring Neural Network Models with Hierarchical PhD Koen Martens - Google Sites)

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