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Essay on gender roles in marriage

essay on gender roles in marriage

present-day feminism problematic. Classes within ifeminist analysis are fluid. What she says is that only through the political means can discrimination be institutionalized by force. Although its political implications are fairly clear, The Fountainhead pays relatively little attention to governmental oppression per se; its main focus is on social pressures that encourage conformity and penalize independence. Women could be equal only after private property and the family relationships it encouraged were eliminated. While some of these may be sorted out quite easily through minor adjustments, sometimes these small issues collate together and transform into big issues that might affect the stability of the union. But while it can certainly draw from the insights of 20th century libertarian feminists, it will likely be something very different from what a Joan Kennedy Taylor or a Wendy McElroy seems to expect.

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From this point of view, narrowly directing ones efforts toward purely political reform without addressing the how to cite masters thesis broader social context is unlikely to be effective. 113-4) Hence the fight against patriarchy would likewise require challenging not only governmental but also religious, economico-industrial, and societary obstacles (such as the social sanctions against divorce, birth control, and careers for women, coordinate with the legal sanctions). It was seen as the ultimate act of defiance that a son or daughter can exhibit. 23) This statement can be read as saying that sexual discrimination becomes a systematic problem, rather than an occasional nuisance, only as a result of state action. It has been practiced for centuries but the instances of love marriage in India are still low.