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Good teaching philosophy essay

good teaching philosophy essay

be developed to connect and build on students prior knowledge and experiences whilst also encouraging understanding of learning outcomes in a positive collaborative environment. 3, this statement provides a solid example because, in it, the author emphasizes the moral objective of teaching: that she will hold each student to the highest expectations and ensure that each one is othello prompt thesis statements jealousy diligent in her studies. It is the love from her bottom of her heart that can make her a good teacher.

A teacher with such a philosophy is likely to ensure that she spends time helping each student achieve to her highest potential. All teaching strategies then, such as morning meetings and community problem solving, follow from this philosophy. Harmer pointed out that good teachers possess some qualities, such as an ability to give interesting classes, using the pro death penalty satire essay full range of their personalities, the desire to empathise with students, treating them all equally however tempting it is to do otherwise, and knowing all their. That article summed up my own personal philosophy on teaching and reinforced what Ive always believed: that to be an effective teacher, one must not allow himself to be constrained within the limits of the system, and that a student learns more if you allow. Teaching is about having passion for the craft, and conveying that passion to the students (Leblanc, 1988). My goal is to create a classroom where discussion is openly initiated rather than forced, where ideas are freely given regardless of whether they contradict the majority or not, just as long as those ideas are relevant to the main topic at hand. (4) Students need the opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment. This paper aims to contribute to it by examining conceptions of good teaching, through the eyes of a small group of lecturers from a business school at an Australian university. Indeed, part of my philosophy is that anything that stimulates the students interest is a good thing, so whether it means deviating from the given syllabus or going out on trips not usually scheduled on a school itinerary, as long as it gives the students. Chapter one How to be a good teacher What makes a good teacher?

good teaching philosophy essay