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Essay australia the lucky country

essay australia the lucky country

of the phrase was negative. They can stop us from being lucky because we dont know what they can do to our country. People from all over the world would come to Australia hoping to make a few dollars. An Australian is free to think or write about anything.

Some people may think that Australia with it's numerous bush-fires, barren deserts and drought prone country isn't lucky at all, but no country can be perfect. Is Australia still the lucky country? They have human rights. Some flee because of their political stances, religious affiliations or social status.

Every year, millions of people around the world are forced to flee their homes. Next Essays Related to Is Australia the Lucky Country? It is often argued that Australia is a lucky country. But we should all know about this already, we all know that we are all very fortunate to have all the necessary resources, not available to some countries, to live contentedly every-day and. It probably all started when the first colonies were established, although not very much back then, Australia was still a great place for a working man. The Australian healthcare is a universal system known as Medicare this is managed by the government. We have the freedom of speech, expression and religious belief. Here, laws are applied equally freely. Australia a lucky country. In this country you have your basic human rights.