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Educational value of television essay

educational value of television essay

their imagination without exposing them to any danger. Watching television, which has been a part of almost everyones daily life, provides its audience not only entertainment but as well as knowledge regarding various topics. Theyre also bombarded with ads that encourage them to eat unhealthy foods. So as television has saturated our lives it has began to have positive and negative effects on childrens lives. "How Television Viewing Affects Children Education Essay." All Answers Ltd. Children sometimes learn their ABC's and how to count from watching educational programs on television. To avoid the negative aspects of television and commercials, parents can record shows without the commericals or buy childrens videos or dvds. Children are influenced by those around them.

They watch television while they eat, to entertain guest, before they go to bed, and to play video games. Overall, television is beneficial when it is not abused. What could be harmful for children is what they watch and for how long. Kids may be entertained for hours with programs that engage their sense of seeing and hearing.

educational value of television essay

It has both advantages as well as disadvantages. Television is not only a source.

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Always telling a truth seems right in the first sight. It is ultimately up to the parents to monitor their child, communicate with their child and instill in their child values and beliefs that help them make good decisions in their life. As teachers and parents, we should be good role-models. In the classroom, I can encourage play, reading, and social interaction. Ultimately the decision is up to the parent. How much does television influence children? Television has the power to inform, inspire, and unite. Parents dont have to like every show their children like.