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Lab safety quiz essays

lab safety quiz essays

Related Quizzes Featured Quizzes Related Topics. First, safety goggles need to always be worn when working with heat, glass, and chemicals. List three (3) unsafe activities in the illustration and explain why each is unsafe. Safety Concerns in the Laboratory Safety goggles must be warn at all times during a lab session. Right when you get to class, it is important to get started on the lab even if your teacher hasn't given you instructions yet. Breakage hazards can also be avoided by minding behavior and conduct in the lab. May cause flammable materials to explode or react violently May cause death or illness after repeated exposures Causes burns to skin, eyes, lungs, clothes and metals. If you feel dizzy or sick while working near the fume hood you should: (a) Head out to grab a cola or a snack.

Lab, safety, quiz - No, essay

lab safety quiz essays

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It's pretty obvious it was mercury. When working in the lab, so many different hazards are faced. Ask the teacher about any questions you have. (b) Only when you can't find a pipette bulb or think it might be dirty. When first entering the lab, do not _ any equipment, chemicals, or other materials in the. Safety, symbols These symbols warn of possible dangers in the laboratory and remind you to work carefully. Some people are slobs. Long hair, hanging jewelry, and loose clothing can be dangerous in a lab. Wear a laboratory apron.

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