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My father's love letters essay

my father's love letters essay

and psychological space between the present moment of composition and the original inciting incident, such as the emotional trauma of racism or the violence of armed conflict. Most of the information about the characters and the dynamics between them is implied rather than given. At the beginning of his poetic career, Komunyakaas vision was rooted most often in his race and gender, but even in his earliest work, there is evidence of his desire to incorporate the perspectives of other people. This can be derived from lines 29-30: My father could only sign/ His name, and line 36: Laboring over a simple word. The narrators relationship with and his feelings towards his parents are also complex. That explains why he asks the son to write letters to the mother. It is an intriguing way of structuring the poem.

Looped at his side extension cords. His name, but hed look at blueprints. Williams Polka Dots Moonbeams. Indeed, the title itself, literary books the Vietnamese phrase for crazy in the head, signals to the reader the bewildering effect that this long war had on all participants. The story between the abusive husband and runaway wife in the poem is seen through the eyes and heard through the voice of their child. Perhaps thats why the son (who is the narrator) wonders whether the mother laughs as she burns the letters coming from the coarse man that is his father, they sound absurd. By writing the poem through the point of view of the child, you, as the reader, feel yourself caught in between the broken relationship in the same way the child. The initial impression of the father that the poem creates is that of a working class, brutish man. Somehow I was happy. He was happy that his mother had gone (lines seven and eight) and escaped the abuse, yet it is unclear why he stayed with his father.

my father's love letters essay