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Essay on wage gap

essay on wage gap

debate. Furthermore, Maier (2007) stated that most employees in Germany are paid according to these collective agreements, although the coverage is declining (p. Now more than ever, women are at the forefront of significant developments in the world. All employees, civil Code (B├╝rgerliches Gesetzbuch) 612 Para 3; Replaced by General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichstellungsgesetz AGG) in 2006, 3, 7,. Japan will stick to its lifetime employment system (Kato, 2001) and thereby will keep the earnings gap between men and women stable. This concept benefits both the employer and the employee, male or female. As already stated above, Japanese firms discriminate on the grounds of gender when paying employees. Women in United States enjoy much more freedom and independence than many in the world. Despite a sense of continued progress toward gender equality in the workplace this research will delineate if the gap between men and women still persists. However, there is also a smaller part of the earnings gap that can not be explained.

Though in the beginning the gender wage gap was purely do to discrimination by social stereotypes, now it has become more complicated than that. The wage gap also shows itself by race. African American women earn about 88 percent of what African American men earn, but only about 70 percent of what all men earn. This example Wage Gap Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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essay on wage gap

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The second reason for the gender wage gap is based on different experiences. Furthermore, part of the gender wage gap in both countries is an unexplained part which can be attributed to gender discrimination (Kawaguchi, 2006; Lauer,.d.). The higher wage also increases the quantity of labour supplied. First of all, as mentioned by Lauer (n.d. Many agencies of United Nations in their reports have emphasized that gender issue is to be given utmost priority. The truth is that I had never considered the challeng Over the past year, I have spent a lot of time thinking about women's issues and women's rights. It sounds like an act that will decrease the gap between the wealthy and the poor, as well as help decrease the number of citizens in poverty. Women on average are working fewer hours than men, often to care for children or other family members. Firstly, promotion of education and professional development of women should be encouraged in all sectors. Germany is likely to increase the gender pay gap as the coverage of collective agreements, which set equal wages for men and women, is declining (Maier, 2007).