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Bodies in african american thesis pdf

bodies in african american thesis pdf

with female family members of similar size. Methods: The participants' perceptions of body image were assessed using responses in words as well as pictures. Amburgey, Kimberly (2009 aN exploration OF body image perception IN AN african american population. Hbfp participants perceived larger bodies as obese than a previously studied Caucasian population and female participants chose larger bodies as ideal. Limitations of study included: how Black women define social comparison behavior and racial identity, self-identification of participants, and the lack of Caucasian women included in this study.

bodies in african american thesis pdf

In addition, opinions varied regarding Black womens engagement in social comparison behavior and whether it was related to racial identity or body satisfaction. As part of this examination, body image perception of the participants' social networks, differences between ethnicities, and the association of disease risk with body image perception were studied. Major Professor: Melody LeHew, date: 2012, thesis. Twelve African American women were interviewed and findings of this exploratory research illustrated that the Black community has different standards than the traditional beauty standards of the.S. Chi-square analysis and Fisher's Exact tests were performed to assess the accuracy of the participants' perceptions of body image in comparison to measured BMI. Public health significance: Programs involving disease prevention and weight management should involve components of body image perception education. However, this research still provided rich data exploring Black womens perceptions of beauty among other issues within the Black community.

Keywords: Body image; Body satisfaction; African American women; Social comparison theory; Beauty; Racial identity. Future research is required to better understand influences shaping standards of beauty within this subculture of the United States and recommendations are provided in the last chapter. URI: metrics, monthly Views for the past 3 years Plum Analytics Actions (login required) View Item. Even though interviewees articulated standards of beauty for women in the Black community, there was a lack of uniformity in how these women felt about their own attractiveness: some identified with the Black beauty standards, while others did not. Specifically, this study examined how Black women define beauty by means of variables such as body shape, skin complexion, and hair texture; whether African American women ages 18-30 compared themselves to media images; and if so, did comparison to these media images impact African American. Abstract, purpose: This study examined body image perception among participants of the Healthy Black Family Project (hbfp) through the Center for Minority Health. Other ID: etd, date Deposited: 19:34, last Modified: 13:38.