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Paul theroux being a man thesis

paul theroux being a man thesis

many questions as it clearly shows authors biased approach because of him being a writer and competition he is facing from some other successful writers which he perceived as more manly. . Then Theroux uses exaggeration to further his point of how confined men on in their life possibilities. Authors main objective on manhood is emotionally damaging and socially harmful. But first there was a fear that writing was not a manly profession - indeed, not a profession at all.

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There are people who might deny this, but that is because the American writer, typically, has been so at pains to prove his manliness. Each individual is different from other based on traits, likings, hobbies, issues and this idea does not fit in everyones life that how one should be living. Like actually he could have been shielding his underestimated work all the time which has not praised as much as others making all such speculations about manliness and society. Whenever academic essays are concerned, credibility is judged by the complexity and how well topic is related to the current situations. Author in path of showcasing manliness while expressing negative connotations of manhood and how men are usually brought to be suffer from this even they do not demand so, such are the points which are already prevailing, however, author fails to imply the words. All that bullfighting and arm-wrestling and elephant shooting diminished Hemingway as a writer: One cannot be a male writer without first proving that one is a man. One of the keys to Therouxs writing is slight misdirection, in which a writer sets up topic for discussion but ultimately has a much different topic in mind. Therouxs primary contention is he realizes that our societal standing and understanding of manhood is somehow affront. Thus, they fear to demonstrate any feelings, thats how writing was disliked for men.