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Is voting a right or a privilege essays

is voting a right or a privilege essays

privilege, thereby allowing disenfranchisement of certain groups of voters, or a right, granted to as many people as legally possible? Many categorized voting primarily as a privilege because previous generations had fought for it and other countries don't enjoy the same freedom. Let's not rely on God 100 of the time, and do nothing about anything! If people are hungry, doesn't someone have to grow some food to feed them? I contend that it is a grave responsibility. "Responsibility" has more than one meaning: Nations like Australia that have instituted mandatory voting base their policy on voting being a responsibility of all eligible voters. If you have comments on this that you would like to share, please.

It is only by mutual understanding that laws are put in place to govern.
While strengthening voting rights in the Constitution would seem like a logical step, there's a potential political barrier: confusion about the meaning.
This essay invites readers to question whether the ability to vote should be a right, a privilege, or a responsibility.

I know dumb landowners and intelligent renters. An international perspective on voting as a right : In 2005, the European Court on Human Rights found that the United Kingdom had breached the human rights of prisoners by denying them the vote, ruling that British policies were disenfranchising 80,000 incarcerated British citizens. Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. If you want to call voting a privilege, I assure you that any line you draw for people to cross in order to 'earn' that privilege will be a flawed line. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.