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Essay on karachi in urdu

essay on karachi in urdu

also also welcome to contribute funny exam answers with other readers by sending to the Editor on his email (m). Several of the panels are detached and hang down under their own weight. No TA/DA will be admissible to the candidates to be called for interview. 12 Sadequain painted classical literature from the poetic verses of Ghalib, Iqbal and Faiz.

His alphabets exude motion, mood, and paint vivid pictures of the message of the words of Quran. Pakistan Studies Exam Paper. What inspires me is a person who has gone hungry for hours and is struggling for survival. I am a painter of the expression of reality." citation needed Self-proclaimed " Faqir Sadequain was outside society's worldly greed or hypocrisy and called himself "speaker of truth." Best known for his calligraphies, Sadequain painted abstracts, drawings, and sketches on thousands of canvases, volumes. His exhibitions in foreign countries were sponsored at State levels and were attended by large audiences from all walks of life. He was one of the greatest calligraphers of Pakistan and helped transform the art of calligraphy into serious expressionist paintings. He also illustrated French Nobel Prizewinning writer Albert Camus, Ghalib, Iqbal, and Faiz. Mangla and Tarbela Dams are Built on Which Rivers? Both news stories were related to burglars, one in which a house belonging to one of the prominent artists in Karachi was broken in and the thieves got away with jewellery and other petty items, and the other incident involved the house of a well. For example, one mural was done for the Naval Headquarters, but cannot be located. Sadequain claimed that many of his paintings, especially after the seventies, had been based on calligraphic forms to portray images of cities, buildings, forests, men, and women.