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Academic essay on gun control

academic essay on gun control

own home or (c) while drinking in a bar. However satisfying it may be to anti-gun crusaders to portray gun owners as "demented and blood-thirsty psychopaths whose concept of fun is to rain death upon innocent creatures both human and otherwise the result is catastrophically counter-productive to the cause of gun control. Not surprisingly when we look at criminal violence between spouses, we find that "91 percent were victimizations of women by their husbands or ex-husbands." 91 Thus, the 50 percent of interspousal homicides in which husband kills wife are real murders-but in the overwhelming majority. 3, 1989.Q.-47 Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Jan. The Riss and Silver cases cited above, as well as Wong. 189 But, once again, this error highlights the imperative for gun controls to forbid such misusers from having access not only to the relatively accident-free handgun but from having any kind of firearm.

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Anti-gun crusaders often express their pride in knowing nothing about guns because it sets them apart from the barbaric gun lover. Some homicidal attackers would substitute knives instead, with presumably fewer lethal results. 162 In another 1-year period.9 percent of murder arrestees had priors. 35, 39-42 (1979 Teret Wintemute, "Handgun Injuries: The Epidemiologic Evidence for Assessing Legal Responsibility 6 Hamline. The Gun Culture and Its Enemies (1989). Because about 10 percent of excusable homicides are nonculpable accidental killings, in computing from the excusable column I have reduced its total by 10 percent. Thus, a crucial issue in any handgun ban is that, while handgun wounds are.3 to writing paper to write on write now 3 times more lethal than knife wounds, a rifle or shotgun wound kills 5.4 times more often than a handgun wound. 77 The first"tion is from a book by Nelson "Pete" Shields, the founder of Handgun Control, Inc., Guns Don't Die, People Do 49 (1981) (emphasis in original the second is from Meredith, "The Murder Epidemic Science, Dec. Bureau of Criminal Justice releases "The Crime of Rape" (March 1985 "Robbery Victims" (April 1987 and "Household Burglary" (January 1985). Or to the elderly trapped in deteriorating neighborhoods (such as the Manhattan couple who in 1976 hanged themselves in despair over repeatedly losing their pension checks and furnishings to robbers). Insofar as they are given therein, all figures are from the 1983-86 averages in Killias' Tables.* If Killias does not give figures, those numbers are from the latest year listed for the country in United Nations Demographic Yearbook, 1985 (published 1987). A system overburdened with heinously violent cases is not going to give proper attention to felons who did nothing more than carry a gun.

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