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Phd thesis on crisis management

phd thesis on crisis management

losses caused by disasters such as fire. Up until this study, the research in the area has been focused on large public companies. Manning, Allan (2004 strategic Management of Crises in Small and Medium Businesses. The study found that the owners and managers of small and medium businesses rated the development of a Crisis Management Model as a crucial management tool to assist them to fight for the survival of their business following a crisis.

Strategic Management of Crises in Small and Medium Businesses
Crisis management in project based organizations and mega
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Chapter 5 The Strategic Management of Crisis

This study extends the earlier research in a number of areas, including the Resource Based Perspective Model, Dynamic Capabilities Theory, Business Continuity Planning, Benchmarking, and Stakeholder Theory, as well as Risk Diversification and Insurance, but with a strong focus on small and medium enterprises. The model is also expected to be pertinent for an operational unit of a large corporation. PhD thesis, Victoria University. There has been much research on crisis in organizations but there has been little attention given to crisis management in temporary organization settings and when multiple stakeholders are involved. The testing of the Crisis Management Model for Small and Medium Enterprises, developed in this study, is recommended as the subject of further research. This studys objective is to identify crises that are caused by the internal and external environment of project based organizations and mega projects and then manage these crises with organizational capabilities and sense making process. Bearing in mind that it is estimated that over 93 of all businesses in Australia fall within the definition of a small or medium enterprise, the study is considered important, as it adds to the existing body of knowledge on this important sector of the. Abstract : Popular Abstract in English Energy savings and climate change mitigation have been discussed in the world since the oil crisis in the 1970s and the building sector has been seen as one of the largest contributors to global warming effects in the world. They are categorized into three research areas: taxonomy among risk, crisis and disaster, crises and capabilities in project based organizations and sense making process of crisis in mega projects. Read more, university network thesis dissertation from Fire Safety Engineering and Systems Safety. To develop such a model, many components of earlier models of strategic management were tested for relevance to the manager during a major crisis in the business. In other words, research on how crisis management is adopted by project based organizations and mega projects are scarce.

phd thesis on crisis management