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Start introduction paragraph comparison essay

start introduction paragraph comparison essay

defenses were already down since they had so quickly lost the vast amount of power they had gained in the pre-revolutionary years. Ask yourself what you want your reader to gain from this paragraph. Write it down once you've gotten comfortable speaking it out loud. Why should you choose us? If you have too many sentences in your paragraph, you may have too many ideas. 2 Avoid universal statements.

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start introduction paragraph comparison essay

In the conclusion you restate the thesis and shortly summarize your essay. You want to do this economically and quickly. Conclusions are a great place to be imaginative and to think about the bigger picture. Be sure that your topic sentence isn't simply a restatement of the thesis itself. Enlightenment ideals were put into practice. A thesis statement is a 1-3 sentence description of what you are arguing and why it is important. 5 Describe the attitude that the reader should associate with something.