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Short essay on water cycle in english

short essay on water cycle in english

streams, rivers, surface runoff and groundwater. Soon the water in the bowl will start to evaporate and get condensed on the surface of the cling film. Take a clear plastic container (a cake display container will work fine). Now, take a small bowl and fill it halfway with water and place it in the center, and scatter few pebbles around. Use the vocabulary evaporation, condensation, precipitation. When is the water cycle taught? You could use paint, colouring pencils, chalks outside on a patio, natural materials such as leaves and twigs, collage materials or dried pasta and lentils to create your diagram.

Clouds move about the earth with the weather and once they are so full of water they drop the water to Earth in some form of precipitation. Stage #4 - Collection, this water falling down in the form of rain or snow, gets collected in different water bodies. Use the correct vocabulary: evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Sometimes this collected water, comes down to the Earth's surface in the form of snow, hail, or partially melted snow which is called sleet. Salt water is available in abundance, but not suitable for humans to drink. Slowly, these vapors of water start rising up to the sky. In order to provide an explanation of water cycle, it can be divided into four main stages. The water droplets form clouds which become heavy and fall from the sky in the form of rain, sleet, hail or snow; this is called precipitation. Place the lid carefully to seal the container, and leave the container in the Sun. Evaporation takes place only on the water's surface. Only 3 of the Earth's water is freshwater, and 2 of the water is found in glaciers and ice caps, which leaves only 1 for land animals and humans to use. For example, water that resides in the ocean or in a lake.

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