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Glossary of newspaper design terms

glossary of newspaper design terms

bat is touching the ground surface behind the popping crease. Point of release the position of the bowler at the moment when the ball is released. See Push, Yes, Two, Wait. Road A very hard and flat pitch, good for batting. Sometimes called a road, highway, and various other synonyms for street. 21 Conventional Swing a swing bowler aligns the seam and the sides of the ball to reinforce the swing effect. For lbw decisions in which it is necessary to distinguish between off and leg stumps. Back Up, how an image on one side of a printed sheet aligns with the image on the other side.

glossary of newspaper design terms

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1 Nightwatchman (in a proposal writing companies dc first-class game) a lower order batsman sent in when the light is dimming to play out the remaining overs of the day in order to protect more valuable batsmen for the next day's play. See also Lob bowling. Push batsman's call for a run, urging his/her partner to look for two. This type of bowling is the only type normally allowed in all official cricket matches. Shepherd the strike (also farm the strike ) of a batsman, contrive to receive the majority of the balls bowled, often to protect a weaker batting partner. Also called milking around.g., "He milked the bowler around". Stonewaller a batsman who plays defensively rather than trying to score. The participants were described as normal, healthy male college students who were predominantly middle class and white.