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Lou reed essays

lou reed essays

but it is still easy to understand why the authorities were unhappy about the bootleg tapes of the band that circulated. Hes been ripped off left, right, and center. And lets see: Lets take abortion back to the Supreme Court and take that away so that women can go play with coat hangers and get really fucked. But were right in the middle. And I said to him, Oh, come on, please, youre so parochial! But I dont have to be a big shot or rich. In his essay from 2012 - which is a sort of farewell to the poet, and perhaps to us as well - Reed addresses Schwartz: We gathered around you as you read. I mean, everybodys heard everybody else, so many people are playing on the same sources.

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And one night I happened to watch a television interview with Marty in which he was talking about his film, which I hadnt yet seen. But on New York Im not behind myself thats where I am, thats what Im capable of doing.

And what did we all once say? And what can I get from this? But of course that flicker is better than nothing. The following year, Reed dedicated a song on the first Velvet Underground album to Schwartz, and in another song from the early 1980s he imagined being able to communicate with the poet via Ouija board. While living in Greenwich Village he had smashed all the windows in his rented room and been taken to Bellevue in restraints. In New York the Lou Reed image doesnt exist, as far as Im concerned. How much rewriting did you do? The Velvet Revolution in what was then Czechoslovakia took its name from the band, which had developed a dedicated following among dissidents during the years of Soviet domination. I heard it as a guitar orchestra version of Xenakis-and-likes and fantasised about setting it for orchestra. Reading Yeats and the bell had rung but the poem was not over you hadn't finished reading liquid rivulets sprang from your nose but still you would not stop reading. Or to take another example: If you want to drink a bottle of club soda out of a cup, pick up the bottle and dont lift it over here and pour it over there but rather pour it over the cup. For him this meant to go into the details of how each instrument and the group should sound, how things are being done, and he expected the same from the musicians he worked with.

Well, somebody must have died and theres going to be a funeral there the next day and the bells will ring for you Andy Warhols funeral took place. And I think its disastrous that a genuine sense of humor has been smothered. Reeds one top-40 hit, A Walk on the Wild Side, was named after a Nelson Algren novel. And on the other hand, I didnt want the voice to be buried so that God knows how anyone could figure out the words. Im not aiming New York for 14-year-olds.

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