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Chocolate milk essay use

chocolate milk essay use

kids at first, but many of them will return to drinking white milk, thus ensuring that they will get the nutritional benefits without the added sugar. It might help to have students generate their own" and analysis before going to the next slide. However, chocolate has a lot of sugars which can lead to many diseases and can make kids overweight. Download ppt "Argument Essay Writing". Well chocolate milk has a lot of sugar and imagine all that sugar converted to fat. Their concern is justified and understandable, but targeting chocolate milk is not the answer to childhood obesity. Nutritional benefits outweigh added sugar. Claim (T) Kids will still drink white milk without flavored milk being offered. 17, body Paragraphs T topic sentence I Introduce" Q" A Analyze" Body Paragraph 1 Sugary flavored milk is not a necessity for kids nutrition because they can easily get the same nutrients from other sources.

chocolate milk essay use

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If the text presents more evidence for something you disagree with, do it that way anyway. Why is this important? A ban on flavored milk will help guide kids to making the healthier choice. Additionally, a study conducted by the Milk Processors Education Program shows that milk consumption drops by 35 when flavored milks are removed from schools. I suggest that you should serve chocolate milk but only on certain days because chocolate milk has nutrients which help children grow to be healthy adults. Evidence (A) The transition may be difficult at first, but kids get used to and will start to drink the healthier option, white milk, if given time.

This particular essay could be written from either side of the issue because there is enough evidence on both sides. A student who drinks a carton of milk at both breakfast and lunch is getting 8 teaspoons of added sugar, the same amount as in a glass of soda. Pro For (Yes) Con Against (No) After youve got all your ideas together, then you organize them into a plan. A counterclaim is an argument that is opposed to, or against, the argument youre writing about. Body Paragraph. In this case, our counterclaim is in opposition to our second claim, so well put it in that paragraph. Some people say kids need fat to make their muscles stronger and help them grow.

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