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Essays on memory

essays on memory

care. One of the principles of Agile Modeling is Enabling the Next Effort is Your Secondary Goal which is meant as a counter-balance to the principle Working Software is Your Primary Goal. Another, more disciplined approach, is to document continuously such as support, operations, system overview, and user docs as you. Travel as light as you possibly can. A comprehensive template will contain fields which aren't applicable for a given project. Create documentation only when you need it at the appropriate point in the life cycle.

Assassins of Memory is a passionate and painstaking look at one of the more curious realities of recent French cultural life: the prominence accorded to the phenomenon of revisionism. River of Consciousness: Oliver Sacks Final Essays on Attention, Memory, and Life A parting gift from the neurologist who was one of the most influential writers of the past half-century. An essay has been defined in a variety of ways.

essays on memory

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Your project stakeholders are investing significant resources in your project team, they're taking a risk on you, and they want to know that their investment is being well spent. What type of documents do you need? Yes, you will still need some static documentation because tests certainly don't cover the entire range of your documentation needs, but where you can develop executable specifications you should. Test-driven development which in effect produces executable specifications) provide greater payback than writing documentation? If you can't avoid providing documentation to someone else you should at least strive to support the handoff with face-to-face communication or other approaches. When is documentation the best option?

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