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Reflective essay on mentoring nursing students

reflective essay on mentoring nursing students

incorporating counselling methods of person centered, although in EC approach everyone is centred. Research into "what works" consistently points to the need for relationship based practice built on a sound understanding on the service users perspective, history and current circumstances. As Cook (2004 puts it the ability to support others through change, whether at an individual level, including changes to self or involving groups or wider organisational levels. Share this resource with your friends. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (2000) state that "Clinical supervision is a practice-focused professional relationship involving a practitioner reflecting on practice guided by a skilled supervisor" (Stephenson 2005).

Although the authors suggest that the model should be applied flexibly, the sequence of stages appears fixed and may create frustration in a supervision session that naturally followed an alternative path. Emden,., (1998 Becoming a reflective practitioner. A quality assurance scheme should be in place to include focus on remedial action when it is clear that supervision is not being delivered to the required standard. Clinical supervision spent most of its time training supervisees on this new theory and practice.

They flow into another, if we are to remove one element then the process becomes potentially less satisfying to both the immediate parties - and less effective. Examples of possible job titles include senior care workers, senior support workers and senior day-care workers in services for older people, mental health, home care and housing support. This resource, updated to reflect the. Nonetheless it is central to note that while individuals can complete stages of their reflective process model on their own "there is a limit to what each of us can achieve unaided Boud, Keogh Walker, 1985.36).

According to Cook (2004 the effective clinical nurse leaders were willing to look for new ways of doing things. Harrington - Mackin,., (1996 Keeping the Team going. Translated by Richard Howard, Vintage-Random House, 1988. These skills include: the ability to initiate and maintain a positive supervisory relationship, the ability to be competent and demonstrate competence, the ability to assess the needs of both the supervisees and all the clients they will serve and practicing multiple modes of direct observation. The purpose is to help identify obstacles that prevent the supervisee from learning, growing and in due course meeting their service users needs.

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