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Essay on mahashivratri in punjabi

essay on mahashivratri in punjabi

small amounts. It is our duty that we abide by our Constitution in letter and spirit. I believe this is gainful and this kind of a challenge will inspire us to be fit along with others, as well. Modi ji, when someone asks for your visit, your stay, you should ask as to what would be the standard of cleanliness, if they wish to invite you. Three braveheart women Bhavna Kanth, Mohana Singh and Avani Chaturvedi have become fighter pilots and are undergoing training on the Sukhoi-. But not in this case. This woman power binds closely together society as a whole, the family as a whole, on the axis of unity oneness. Most of those who give suggestions or try to reach to me are those who are really doing something in their lives. We know that at home and at feasts and social gatherings, we tend to serve ourselves more food than we need.

And this is also the time when the poor get an opportunity to earn an income and of course this adds a spontaneous joy to the festivities. Two- three years ago, thousands of people would lose their lives every year due to heat-wave.

Go to settlements in your neighborhood, go to nearby villages, but do this in the form of a movement. I request every citizen to make it a point to play and take care of their fitness because only a healthy India will build a developed and prosperous India. I congratulate our scientists, and all those connected with Science on the occasion of National Science Day. The unity, intrinsic to our countrys diversity can be witnessed in these games. And after Independence, this festival has become a vehicle of raising social and educational awareness.

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