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War measures act essay

war measures act essay

breaking up and reforming because of police raids, arrests, and convictions in court, and also because of differences among members.7 Prior to the 1970s, the FLQ manifesto primarily called for separation. The Quebec Ministers in Ottawa deliberately chose to escalate the political magnitude of the crisis to justify emergency powers as a means of intimidating nationalists and separatists.52 Robert Stanfield stated, The arbitrary abrogation of individual rights weakens rather than strengthens social order.53 Or did Canadians. The soldiers tended to target the Francophones more so then the Anglophones. After the kidnapping of Laporte, Bourassas government met to discuss the decision. Simmard and the Roses had left the country to make some money.

war measures act essay

Under this act, civil liberties and judicial rights are suspended. Censorship becomes active and suspicion and. The war measures act was created in 1914 and gave the government the full power to do anything in order to maintain peace and safety for all Canadian citizens. Throughout this essay it will explain how the war measures act protected Canada, strengthened Canada as a nation and saved millions of lives.

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war measures act essay

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Prime Minister Trudeau took his own actions on the crisis. As a result of Laporte s death, the FLQ lost their sympathizers because people were horrified of the extent of their actions. This was not one cohesive group, but rather a set of minor groups or cells, sharing a common view of the issues in Quebec. If not it would only be a temporary measure. 15 Bouthillier, Guy, and Edouard Cloutier. They thought the FLQ was a large organized group, the WMA would be justified and was the right option.