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Terrorists and biological weapons essay

terrorists and biological weapons essay

confront new microbial threats and that many of these agents, such as sars coronavirus, possess a significant. Special vaccines have been created, tested, and approved to deal with the two most lethal biological agents that can also be most easily weaponized: anthrax and smallpox. (2004 "The role of clinical information systems in public health surveillance Healthcare Information Management Systems (3. 46 Efforts have also been taken to ensure that these medical countermeasures can be disseminated effectively in the event of a bioterrorist attack. (June 2012 according to the.S. However, the biological revolution that began in the mid20th century has led to the development of powerful technologies that could potentially be used to generate new biological weapons of tremendous destructive studying abroad in america essay disadvantage power. For example, German agents infiltrated the United States and surreptitiously infected animals prior to their shipment across the Atlantic in support of Allied forces. The system, called NY Responds, electronically connects every county in New York to aid in disaster response and recovery.

But just how much do most of us know about them? Nevertheless, because of the indiscriminate nature of these weaponsas well as the potential for starting widespread pandemics, the difficulty of controlling disease effects, and the simple fear that they inspiremost countries have agreed to ban the entire class. Springer, Berlin "jcvi: Research / Projects / Synthetic Genomics Options for Governance / Overview". At this time this writer can identify at three major existential threats to humanity: (i) largescale thermonuclear war followed by a nuclear winter, (ii) a planet killing asteroid impact and (iii) infectious disease. In 1975 and was put on probation.

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