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Honesty and friendship essay

honesty and friendship essay

in high school. The saying that honesty is the best policy applies universally to human life. Human beings are prone to mistakes and failure. Honesty is thus in the middle of friendship. Friendship honesty specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Friendship honesty specifically for you. A friend who is transparent and hides nothing is a good friend. One should not take advantage of the other when trouble overcomes another. Cousins, brothers, and sisters must put in extra effort to inculcate friendship for their family ties to grow strong.

It is created when one is feeling comfort and emotionally safe when sharing his/her thoughts with the other. As a human being, one can hardly do without a friend, In addition, friends are something more important and useful to us than our own relatives. Retrieved 21:15, October 09, 2018, from.

honesty and friendship essay

An interesting question comes to my mind, "Is it better to keep a friend by not speaking your mind or risk losing a friend. See more:essay on friendship for kids.

We will write a custom essay sample. One should be free in the sharing of secrets and an essay on the shaking palsy wikipedia emotions without any fear of being betrayed. Therefore, friendship is the only relationship that is able to go through difficult situations and circumstances. The definition of honesty becomes vague and abstract at this point. In order to fit in, a lot of my friends forced themselves to accept and do so-called "cool things." They began to pierce their ears, nose, and tongue; they tattooed all kinds of patterns and unknown characters on their body. m, ml (accessed October 09, 2018). However, even where one has made a mistake or put the friendship in jeopardy, showing sincerity and making an effort to restore the relationship can go a long way in maintaining the friendship. Friendship can be defined as the mutual relationship that occurs between two individuals. If there is a conflict between friendships and honesty, I will choose honesty without hesitation even though there is a risk of losing my friends.

He keeps his head high within its social circle and his character is as bright as a sharp sword.
It is said, honesty is the best policy.
Honesty leads one to morality and purity of character.
A dishonest person is disbelieved and hated by all.