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Lorax essay summary

lorax essay summary

should stand up? The family is more accepting of the Once-ler given his new success, but is disrespectful of the Lorax and the local environment. So it chocolate milk essay use is clear that the Once-ler has fallen short on his social responsibilities.

Is the Once-ler's greediness harmful? Seuss called Truffula Trees could just as easily be the forests of Borneo, where illegal logging and oil-palm plantations are destroying critical habitat for the endangered Orangutan.

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All we have to do is speak for the trees. Even so, Ted continues to leave town. What initially upsets him is his discovery of the greedy intentions that the Once-ler has for the Fluff, and the realization that this greed would lead to disaster for his home. Ted, a young man who likes a girl named Audrey who wants to see a real tree. O'Hare is the most powerful and wealthy citizen in town, selling the citizens bottled air at high prices, and feels that Ted's 'meddling' will jeopardize his position and profits. How do you take responsibility for the things you have harmed? A little boy who wants to learn about the Lorax explains to the reader that the only way to find out about the Lorax is to go to the old Once-ler's home and give him ".fifteen cents/and a nail/and the shell of a great grandfather. "unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Over Ted's various visits, the Once-ler recounts the story of how he departs his family to make his fortune. But what is this thing called "an ecosystem" that other things are parts of? So Ted tries to find another way. The Lorax also angrily pointed out that all of the byproducts from the factory were polluting the pond and he also took the Humming-Fish away.

Who do you agree with? Is this a nice place to be? The Once-ler had grown tired of the Lorax's complaints and angrily yelled at him that the factory was going to get bigger and bigger. After this, the Lorax attempts to have the animals help him float the Once-ler out of the area on a river, but ends up accidentally steering him towards a nearby waterfall. For example, we earn money to get other things, not for the sake of the money itself.