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Business case study analysis

business case study analysis

look for the following sections: Opening paragraph: introduces the situation. Many students mistakenly believe that this is all the preparation needed for a class discussion of a case study. The specific problem or decision(s) to be made. What appears to be the issue (of concern, problem, challenge, or opportunity) and its significance for the organization? In courses that use the case method extensively, a significant part of the student's evaluation may rest with classroom participation in case discussions, with another substantial portion resting on written case analyses.

Students tend to find the concept of key decision criteria very confusing, so you will probably find that you re-write them several times as you analyze the case. Ethical issue Available relevant information Estimation of government authorities 68,000 square miles of direct impact by leaked oil (SkyTruth) 491 miles (790 km) of coastline in Louisiana, Mississip pi, Alabama and Florida might be contaminated by oil (Bloomberge) deep underwater plumes of dissolved oil and. Disaster Deepwater Horizon Deepwater Horizon - owned and operated by offshore-oil-drilling company Transocean and leased by oil company BP - situated in the Macondo oil well in the Mississipi Canyon. Generating Alternatives This section deals with different ways in which the problem can be resolved.

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The company could conduct some methods to collect and dissolve only the surface oil and pledge to compensate the affected people with the view to show their CSR and improve the image of company. Failure is stepping stone to success. What is the urgency to the situation? Evaluation of Alternatives If you have done the above properly, this should be straightforward. Why has the issue arisen and why is the decision maker involved now? Successfully reported this slideshow. Manning School of Business Administration is no exception. The Case Method as a Learning Tool.