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Essay on elderly

essay on elderly

roads creating a mass destruction on our poor young drivers. One time, my mom was sad because she forgot her purse at a bingo parlor. For example, medical expense or old peoples home expense. Equally important, we must consider those who will no longer be able to drive, and ensure their transportation and occupational needs will be fulfilled. There are many reasons why elderly drivers are more. Older adults are thus slower in receiving information through sensory receptors, slower in transmitting, processing, and interpreting information, and are slower in acting upon it (Shulman, Silverman, Golden). I have been nice to my elders since I was little. It is imperative that a more comprehensive approach be taken when deciding the competence of elderly drivers. Too often, the media emphasizes on youth and beauty and the elderly is portrayed to be stubborn and absent minded. The background research includes portrayals of the elderly seen in various television commercials, children and adolescent literature, magazine advertisements, newspapers, cartoons, and greeting cards.

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essay on elderly

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Other case is retired. The Representation of Elderly People in Prime Time Television Commercials is a master thesis done at the University of South Florida in 1995 by Meredith Tupper. Elderly Driving Essay 1129 words - 5 pages elderly? The only bad part is I got the flu too when my grandma was all better. Not all seniors drive dangerously, but many. These drivers usually tend to have the most collisions at intersections. We will write a custom essay sample. Studies have found that the elderly show an increased effort of self-protection in their driving habits. They raised, support and made them able to live in the society.

Not all senior drivers need to have their driving evaluated, but many. Nowadays, old people need a home because they can not live alone.