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Essay on natural creation and destruction

essay on natural creation and destruction

In the evening when sun sets it again becomes dark orange and then light dark. A metal skyscraper will not be damaged as easily as a village full of mud huts, for example. Nature Essay 2 (150 words nature is the most beautiful and attractive surrounding around us which make us happy and provide us natural environment to live healthy.

Words: 763   Pages: 3   Paragraphs: 6   Sentences: 45   Read Time: 02:46 What is a Volcano? Our mood also gets changed according to the nature such as happy and hopeful at sun shine, rainy season and spring season. At their worst, though, earthquakes can cause huge levels of death and destruction and not always just in developing countries. The motivations for creation and destruction are more important to the novel than the distinctions between the two. Words: 790   Pages: 3   Paragraphs: 8   Sentences: 53   Read Time: 02:52 Floods are there every year in India. It is my opinion that Burgess has been blinded to some essential truths in his quest to ensure personal freedom. It is good for our health to hear the soft sound of the birds, rattle of the breeze, sound of running fresh air, sound of running water in the river, etc in the early morning. Related Information: Slogans on Nature, conservation of Nature Essay, essay on Natural Resources.

We can enjoy the sweet sound and scenery of the nature if we peacefully sit in the early morning in the garden. Forest fires, whether natural or otherwise (e.g. Now a day, everyone has less time to enjoy nature.

Nature is everything which surrounds us like water, air, land, sky, fire, river, forests, animals, birds, plants, sun, moon, stars, sea, lake, rain, thunder, storm, etc. Every form of nature is very powerful which has ability to nourish as well as destroy. Alexs repetition of "O my brothers particularly in the more grueling scenes, gives the novel the feel of one of Rudyard Kiplings Just So Stories,2 a creation myth. Man has, over the ages, been progressively moving towards a world and life of destruction. This point is that everyone is out for themselves, whether they be the police, government or citizens. Nature is like our real mother which never harms us but always nourishes. It provides us a protective layer around us to prevent from the damages. God has created everything very beautifully seeing which our eyes can never be tired. The "maskies" that the four wear are not only "real horrorshow disguises but also provide dramatic effect (153).

essay on natural creation and destruction

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