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Butler honors thesis due

butler honors thesis due

(Not "because I feel like it or "my advisor told me to".) What will your scholarship consist of? It is not enough here simply to state what you are going to read. Consider it a check up (not scary in the least) for how things are going for you in the University Honors Program. Students interested in the honors program are strongly urged to contact Professor Christopher Butler departmental honors advisor, to discuss their interest. . A student must complete at least 60 hours at Butler in order to receive any Butler honors at commencement. In order to do this, we offer a variety of Honors Community Events to enhance your Honors experience outside the classroom.

Reseach method: In this section you explain HOW you plan to answer or explore your thesis question/statement via your creative process and/or project. Jason Lantzer, Assistant Director of the Honors Program, in JH 105 (940-9302). If your GPA is below.5 in any other semester, you have a chance to bring it up again before we take a look. The first draft should be of a quality consistent with the final draft of a regular semester term paper. . Whether or not you go on to graduate school, completing the honors program will give you the satisfaction of developing a high level of knowledge about at least one of the subfields in Political Science, and the accomplishment of completing a polished research paper and. The final product should be of near-publishable quality, with a clear argument, appropriate references to existing literature, and effective and convincing presentation of evidence. . Please allow 8-12 weeks of processing time for the binding process and submit a permanent address if you wish to have bound copies mailed to you. You should have a GPA in Political Science.5 or above, AND cold war origin essay an overall GPA.2 or better. . Provide an overview of the methodology you plan to use. The honors program is particularly appropriate for students who are considering graduate school in the social sciences, foreign affairs, or related fields. .

butler honors thesis due

Theses range from origin al research in the humanities and sciences, to teaching portfolios, to video. Penultimate Thesis Draft Submission Deadline: March 20, 2019. This next-to- last draft bears the thesis advisor s signature of approval, indicating it meets.