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Definition essay post on the term motivation

definition essay post on the term motivation

between the specialised and non-specialised career paths. If an employee commits mistakes, managers should not criticize him. Co-operation promotes sensitivity towards others and disciplined thinking. The need-behaviour-action is a continuous process and lower order needs, having been satisfied once, can be strong motivational forces again.

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Different needs, at a point of time, constantly interact and even overlap each other. Limitations of Theory Z: This theory suffers from the following limitations: (a) It is difficult for organisations and employees to make life-time employment commitments. Further on, if the employers need them motivated to perform even better, they need to provide the additional intrinsic factors. Change is the essence of management. They also wish to have immediate feedback on their actions so that corrective measures can be taken to check the deviations. (2006 Gender Differences in Performance Motivation, On Line, Available From: m, Accessed:. According to them, the entire set, or system, of forces operating on the employee must be considered before the employees motivation and behaviour can be adequately understood. There is also some evidence that unless security ap essay score 1-9 conversion needs are satisfied, people will not be concerned with higher order needs. (c) People are ambitious.

Have high desire for higher-order needs even though their lower-order needs are not substantially satisfied. This also provides job satisfaction and promotes self-discipline in the organisation. (d) Most individuals progress in the order of need hierarchy but this is not always true. Strict use of authority and structure may be effective for certain tasks and ineffective for others. It ranges from -1. The motivators that satisfy self-actualisation needs are challenging jobs, opportunities for innovation and growth and participative decision-making. Providing these factors or upgrading the job content provides satisfaction and develops employees to work towards organisational goals.

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