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My favourite destination in malaysia essay

my favourite destination in malaysia essay

and park. My sisters, father and mother all enjoy there as a family cooking, playing, trekking and gardening. The peace, the scenery, the lush green surroundings are a treat to an exhausted mind.

Cameron Highland, which is situated in the state of Pahang, is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Malaysia. It has innumerable tourist spots.Beach Vacation Destinations : Perhentian islands in Malaysia, a snorkeling paradise. Lefkara is an unique town which known by amazing laces and tasty baking.

They all like playing in the park, on the beach, and with a lot of friends. I was there in August,214 and I can say that I spend my holidays very well. There will always be a guesthouse with a room available. Looking for the best places to visit in, malaysia? Factory essay in simple english language wine is a good destination for adults.

Furthermore, it have a picturesque view of the surrounding, which is filled with beautiful flowers and mountains. Cyprus is an island country in the Earsten Mediterranean Sea. My favourite destination is Cyprus because there are many nice beaches and various tourist attractions. It is full with green trees and colorful wild flowers which is very suitable for a nature lovers.