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Essay on composite culture of india

essay on composite culture of india

culture has by far earned a lot of dignity and respect worldwide. This is another uniqueness of our culture and tradition that we have a welcoming heart. Those maladies will be part of human life, in some way or other, too. Conclusion India is a land that has absorbed every culture and religion within. People across the world are in a great surprise to understand the unity in our thinking and affection for the motherland with such a vivid and varied lifestyle among the citizens. As a result, today, the roots of Indian culture, heritage, and the values have been shaken. The inquisitiveness increases the more the person tries to get into the knowledge of India culture and traditions. This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16- on page. Consequently, social harmony and balance are being disturbed.

essay on composite culture of india

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The Commission fully endorses the other recommendations of the Justice Verma Committee on operationalisation of Fundamental Duties of Citizens and strongly suggests their early implementation. This term to Indian culture had been bestowed. Every country has its own culture but none can beat the Indian culture. Foreigners are spotted in Indian attire and they greet us by folding their hands and saying Namaste. Here, heart rules the head. They increase the distance between communities by propagating hatred among them. The Constitution of India could be considered one of the best constitutions of the world. Our gates are open for anyone and everyone who wants to get incorporated into our living and lifestyle. The political world, with various national and regional parties is a Himalayan example for schools of thought, so much so that if one would learn political ways and varieties one should perhaps learn from India. This is what, is the beauty of the composite culture of India. Impact Of Western Culture On Indian Culture India is not the only land that has been immensely hit by the globalization. Citizens of our great nation are called upon to do their homework of imbibing the spirit of ones own faith and come out to engage together in making the family of God, where every other is a friend and companion in life.