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Essay about traffic problems and solutions

essay about traffic problems and solutions

popular and necessary for the life and it aimed to improve cars industrial design and create more cars by companies. The Government is responsible for improving the efficiency of transportation in cities and highways between cities which reduce traffic problems. The villages should be urbanized. Besides allowing the inventor to claim patent on both product and process, in all fields of technology, the trips also restricted the rights of patentee by allowing member countries to enact provisions, inter alia, for granting compulsory licence to prevent the abuse of patent right. What are the alternatives available to public Understanding this. tags: pollution, cancer, interventions Free Essays 726 words (2.1 pages). In recent decades there has been a big step forward to the advanced technology and innovations. The first problem which we come across in a big city is the uncontrolled growth of population.

Solutions for traffic problems - using public transportation

essay about traffic problems and solutions

Students can write the same essay under the question, Essay on Traffic Problems, an essay on traffic, Traffic Problems in a Big City Essay, Essay on Traffic Jam and also can use the name of any city instead of writing big city if asked. Statistically, the total number of people suffering from hunger globally equals to approximately.02 billion (FAO 2009"d in Sui-Lin Nah and Chi-Fai Chau 2010, 544). The aim of this paper is to discuses the effects of control systems can reduce traffic congestion, energy consumption and road incidents. Another route is re-directed for traffic. However, the majority of people do not appraise waters worth since they do not face water scarcity; whereas, in third world countries it is one of the most serious problems. They blow out their horns out of frustration. By changing these schedules, the traffic will be significantly lighter because we had reduced the number of cars in the street in a certain time. Then after, in1997 the relationship between traffic congestion and control system was studied by Shefer and Rietveld which is used sample hypothesis and provide experiment evidence by comparing traffic congestion level when peak hours the traffic congestion level was less than peak hours in usually.

The traffic problem in a big city has gone beyond proportion. After reading this Essay on Traffic Problems in a Big City, you may also like. In addition people in the municipality, who are responsible for city planning, should not allow any more companies with a vast number of employees settle down in the center of the large cities because they will establish in the cities and relocating them will. The traffic police must essay writing on visit to a historical place be made alert and vigilant. The children are delayed to reach the school. Secondly, the roads of the cities are narrow and uneven. Then why is India experiencing water shortage. Type of problems, the most type of problem that is happening in big cities is traffic congestion.

essay about traffic problems and solutions