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Canada's contribution to ww1 essay

canada's contribution to ww1 essay

Air Force. The Royal Canadian Navy was very small in 1939, but its growth during the war was extraordinary; it recruited 99 688 men and about 6500 women, and it staffed 471 fighting vessels of numerous types. New jobs were also created as part of the war effort, for example in munitions factories. Another huge contribution to Allied victory would be the British Air Commonwealth Training Program, otherwise known as the bcatp. For example, in 1918, 2,400 women picked fruit in the Niagara region. Canada military contribution to World War 2 was exceptional; the Canadian Navy and Air Force played a major role in the war. Training bases could be found all over Canada and were used to successfully produce 50 000 pilots, 25 000 navigators, and 57 000 other air crew). Canada is also ranked as the second coldest country on earth, with an average annual temperature of -3.6 degrees (Anand) with an annual temperature below freezing Canada is well suited for winter sports like skiing and snowmobiling. When Canadian men went outside to fight, Canadian women did a lot to support the war. Canada helped contribute to the war socially by putting up propaganda posters and through the purchase of Victory Bonds. All Canadians who helped out in this time of need should feel proud of themselves because without them none of this could have been possible).

canada's contribution to ww1 essay

They played a big role. Canadian women had a big contribution to agriculture during the war time. Many farm women were faced with the reality that they had to maintain the family farm themselves to make money. Canada s contributions during the war years would have been very different if it were not for the vital roles women played on the home front.

For example, during the ice storms many parts of Ontario where left without power for days, yet out of this horrible tragedy, Canadians banded together and helped each other out, lending each other generators and supplies to help get through this hard time together. Bibliography, canadian Air Force History War Years. Wake up, cook, feed children, clean the house, teach children, wash the clothes, sleep. Allied victory in World War II was in large part aided by Canadian involvement in the form of women contributing to the war effort, the British Commonwealth Air Training Program (or bcatp and Canada's change childhood memories essay in bengali in economy. CanadaS Contribution to World War II Essay or any similar topic specifically for you. Today, Canadas healthcare system is an interesting mix of both public finding and the private sector.