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Accountability process in pakistan essay

accountability process in pakistan essay

judges in superior judiciary, he involved his military in routine administrative matters ranging from collection of electricity bills to managing state owned public enterprises. Against this backdrop, the political situation in Pakistan deteriorated. That said, there are primarily two categories of corruption in Pakistan. In some rural areas locally powerful families may make or influence decision-making. All actors other than government and the military are grouped together as part of the civil society. Failing which, they should be punished with deduction from their pay because sometime they delay in work to get some benefit from people. Who is accountable to who varies depending on whether decisions or actions taken are internal or external to an organization or institution. In this way it prevents Political patronage, as well as promoting expertise.

The early years were marked with conspiracies, unethical and undemocratic tactics in power corridors of the country. It will include the current situation, its causes and effects, its socio-economic and strategic aspect, the plight of common man and the causality between bad governance and incapacities of the state apparatus responsible for public service delivery and criminal justice system, as well as prospects.

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I wish to serve by country with best of my talent. Introduction: Corruption is a method and a technique adopted just to bypass the rule of law and engulfing the whole system into socio-economic turmoil. Syed Mujawar Hussain Shah, Pub: West view Press, Ed: 1995 Religion and Politics in Pakistan,.68. In such a grim situation, the victims and the upper both use their what words to use in an argumentative essay influence at their maximum extent to have maximum benefit from the opportunity. Chosen representatives of the people make laws and policies in a democracy and a committee of their.

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