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Pre independence essay

pre independence essay

the populations from each side came from a different area in India and thus the two sides were divided by culture and language. For instance, in November 1939, it prohibited newspapers from publishing the hunger strike held by prison inmates across the country, which involved the detainment of at least 15 people who went on the strike. Gandhi himself worked on two main lines, external publicity and internal consolidation.

The life and death struggle that preceded this formalisation of British control lasted nearly two years, cost 36 million, and is variously referred to as the 'Great Rebellion the 'Indian Mutiny' or the 'First War of Indian Independence'. Although Congress strove to stress its secular credentials with prominent Muslim members - for example, Maulana Azad served as its president through World War Two - it is criticised for failing to sufficiently recognise the importance of a conciliatory position towards the League in the. According to the press, the peak was reached by 21 April, when there were 2,337 signatories to the pledge. Press Emergency Act of 1931 further heightened the tension. Gandhi made it his mission to pacify the people. The situation in Punjab, Gujarat and Bombay was very volatile. India has been able to create, what is to this day, the largest democracy in the world, while Pakistan has been plagued throughout its history with a series of military dictatorships. In the 1880s, the Nationalist movement gathered momentum and that gave a stronger push to the Indian Press. Hyderabad for example was the size of England and Wales combined, and its ruler, the Nizam, was the richest man in the world. The colonies debated England's legal power to tax them and, furthermore, did not wish to be taxed without representation.