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Midaq alley essay

midaq alley essay

characters and their individual circumstances, Mahfouz depicts the sadness and tragedy in their lives. . Naguib Mahfouz has said that he subconsciously wrote the character of Hamida as a symbol for Egypt. Which Cairo do I mean? Ibrahim encourages her to wear nice clothes in order to be more attractive to his clients. . Most literally, she is commenting on the young girl's inability to choose a husband. What do the happy and miserable characters have in common? On the other hand, most characters must balance disappointment because of the way their ambitions backfire. Uncle Kamil seems mostly happy as well, largely because he too lives a simple life with no great ambitions. However, the truth of his age eventually catches up to him, and he suffers a heart attack.

midaq alley essay

By, naguib Mahfouz, buy Study Guide, buy Study Guide. Salim Alwan's journey in the novel is one of the most devastating illustrations of reality. The characters, Muslims in Cairo, and what they represent in terms of human needs, social class and economic status, are discussed. Dreams can be so strong that reality does not initially dissuade us from them, and we therefore only learn the truth too late. Salim Alwan is miserable and paranoid. Booshy's low prices, but soon enough learns the reason that the teeth come so cheap. Midaq Alley is about the Egyptian residents of a hustling, packed back alley in Cairo in the 1940's. You should just see those Jewish girls who go to work. Both the human potential for both great ambition and the unfortunate tendency to compromise those ideals are present in Hamida and in the story of Egypt in the 20th century. Saniya Afify's situation offers a less extreme example. Here Mahfouz depicts an Arab womans desire to be free and wanting to wear beautiful clothes.

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