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Armando solar-lezama thesis

armando solar-lezama thesis

on a range of highly complex concurrent algorithms and data structures. There are implementations for both OCaml and. As a second step, the dissertation presents DRFx, which is a memory model that enforces sequential consistency, where hardware and software share responsibility for detecting violations of sequential consistency. The first, and more technical, of these is the design of a core language combining a call-by-value evaluation order, a pragmatically motivated treatment of computational irrelevance (to support compilation to efficient machine code and a novel treatment of propositional equality. A novel algorithm based on directed-acyclic-graph (DAG) composition determines whether such non-termination bugs can occur with a suite of peephole optimizations. This poverty in egypt essay beautiful thesis will be a cornerstone of a new generation of language designs supporting significantly more robust and reliable software development. Modular Fine-grained Concurrency Verification Advisor: Alan Mycroft and Matthew Parkinson Citation: This dissertation introduces a novel logic for reasoning about concurrent shared-memory programs.

armando solar-lezama thesis

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Not only is this a compelling demonstration of 9 paragraph essay the possibilities for formally correct software, and the promise of the CakeML system as an enabling technology for it, but gives perhaps the first really convincing correctness proof for the core of a higher-order logic interactive theorem. The members of the award committee were impressed by the unusual scope and depth of the dissertation and its excellent presentation. Understanding and Expressing Scalable Concurrency Advisor: Mitchell Wand Citation: Aaron Turons dissertation makes several major contributions to the design, implementation, and verification of scalable concurrent programs. The Alive toolkit can generate concrete input to demonstrate non-termination as well as automatically generating weakest preconditions. Previously this approach was too expensive to use in practice. Citation: The thesis explores and generalizes the coupling proof technique, for establishing properties of randomized algorithms. A domain specific language (DSL) Alive enables the specification and verification of peephole optimizations. In addition, the thesis contains a comprehensive formalization with very detailed, readable proofs.

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armando solar-lezama thesis

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